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We are take care our fish,  Our goal is to have fully with happy satisfy and repeat customers.
All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Refunds do not include any reimbursement of these amounts. If in case of any event of service failure on the part of the shipping company it may be necessary for you to file a claim directly with them.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shipping by Airport to Airport. : Ship by Airport to Airport for Wholesale. Order must at least 180 bettas per shipment (about 16 kg box).. Buyer must have import license. Please contact me for shipping cost. Please let me know : County and Airport name.

Fish shipping VIA Transshipper. 

Transhipper is working independently., I have no control on them. Shipping schedule is set by them (not by seller). Once you buy the fish., Buyer have to wait till the shipment date is confirm. If buyer have problems with trashipper, Buyer is responsibility deal with them. Then., Buyer must deal with transhipper before buying.

By Federal US and some country law, all live animals entering  to the country MUST come through a licensed Import Agent (in this case is Transshipper), and on arrival MUST clear Customs and MUST be inspected by the Dept of Fish & Wildlife. The Transshiper handle all of that so fish can enter the country legally.
Then., Transshipper send them on to buyer.

2 STEPS for Shipping (via Transhipper)

STEP1. Shipping  from Thailand to your trans shipper. 

1.1 All buyers have to pay export fee(on this step) to me.

1.2 For US and EU buyer : The export fees for Normal betta is $5USD each (and Big ., Giant betta is $7USD each).,

1.3 For Singapore buyer : The export fee for Normal betta is $5USD each and Giant betta is $10USD each

STEP2. Shipping fees from your trans shipper  to buyer address. 

2.1 All buyers have to pay shipping fees (on this step) direct to your Transshipper. Then, please contact your local Transshipper to check shipping fees before buying.
2.2 Let me know which Transhipper you select, then we will send the fish to your Transhipper accordingly.

I will ship the fish legally through transhippers. Buyers pay the local shipping fees to transhippers. 

{ Customer from other country, Please contact me before buying}

List of Transhippers

China :

MR. TING Tel: +8613802542968 Fengnian Aquarium , guangzhou city


  1. Linda Olson at Denver, Colorado (CO) / Phone: Office phone (303) 404-9152 . .Cell (720) 999-1261 Email :  Shipment on : TBA
  2. Julie Tran : California, Email: Shipment on : Dec 27, 2014
  3. JESSE (MIAMI,FL) E-mail : Website : Next Shipment date : TBA


  1. Hung Pham : 6569 montrose rd. Niagara falls , ontario l2h 1m3 Email Shipment date : TBA

United Kingdom :

  1. Lisa Bradshaw – Out of the Blue Transhipping    Email:     Tel: +447455896845 Shipment date : TBA


  1. Armando Santana Rubio : E-mail: asantana61@hotmail.comShipment date : TBA


  1. Jodi-Lea Matheson at QueensLand AUS Email :"For AUSTRALIAN purchasers - Buyer MUST contact the transhipper Jodi by email - BEFORE BUYING. ...If you fail to do so your fish WILL NOT be accepted for import." Shipment date : TBA


  1. Jan Sabbman Email: Next Shipment date : Jan 6, 2015

Austria  and EU Zone

  1. Jan Zinserling  Email:Email: Mobiel: 0043-(0)6605754361 Next Shipment date : TBA

Malaysia :

  1. MR. PATRICK YEOH # PERLIS CITY. Tel: +60125236777 Facebook: PATRICK YEOH : Next Shipment : TBA

Singapore :

  1. MAINLAND FISHFARM at NO.1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 E-mail : Next Shipment : Dec 25, 2014

Philippines : Gerald Prodon email:,, Shipment date : TBA

Indonesia : Buyer from Indonesia must purchase at least 4 bettas. Mr. Ronold Kusuma : Jakartta : email : Next shipment date : TBA

Taiwan : Mr. Jacky Email : Shipment every Sunday,

VIETNAM : Trần vĩnh phát , Thailand number +66894017455, Vietnam number +84902715078, Email:,


Note :

Export fees for shipping from Thailand to your Trasnhipper. ( Fees that buyer have to pay to Seller).

1. US, EU, Indonesia, customers please pay me export fees (5.00 USD each for normal size betta fish., $7USD each for Halfmoon (fish price above $40USD} and Giant Betta fish).

2. Singapore customers., please pay me export fees ($5USD for normal bettas, $10USD for Halfmoon (fish price above $40USD} and Giant Bettas) .,

3. Malaysia : please pay me export fee ($3USD for normal bettas, $5USD for Halfmoon (fish price above $40USD} and Giant Bettas) .

4. United Kingdom., Canada, Australia, Philippines, Mexico : Except export fees for Fish price below $40USD. But if fish price is $40USD or higher. You have to pay me $5USD for export fees.

Shipping from Transhipper to buyer address (Buyer pay shipping fees to the Transhipper) : Transhipper is resonsible for all shipipng part. Buyer have to deal with transhipper directly. Buyer must deal direct to Transhipper for shipping fees (shipping from Transhipper to buyer address) before buying, And Please deal for shipping schedule as when buyer will receive the fish. Buyer must pay reshipping fees direct to Transhipper.

Transhipper is working independently. I have no control on them. Shipping schedule is set by Transhipper and his/her team in Thailland. Transhipper is responsible for all shipping part. Buyer have to deal directly to Transhipper for any shipping issue.

Shipment date is Thailand time.

NO EMS Shipping from Thailand.

Guarantees lives of fish during transportation (Guaranteed if DOA) , Fish lost during shipping , or any problems about the Fish

In case of dead on arrival (DOA), Fish lost during shipping or any problems about the fish., please send clear photos with unopened bag must be attached e-mail to me within  24 hours.  I will replace with the fish at same price (excluding export fees and shipping fees) to you (Buyer can select the replacement fish from this website at same fish price). You must pay re-export fees to me and re-shipping fees to the Transhipper.   Or money back (fish price only) exclude export fees and shipping fees. Export fees & Shipping fees will not refund. If the fish lost., I will make refund for fish price (fish price after discount, if any) and export fees only.

If in case of fish dead, sick, damage before shipping, Buyer select new fish at same price for replacement, or money back and cancel the order. 


You need to contact to local  department of fish and wildlife, and plants as the Indian Almond leaves for more information regarding the law in your  area. We do not and will not knowingly ship fish , Indian Almond leaves into a restricted area. The  buyer is ultimately and fully responsible for understanding and complying with  any and all local, state or federal laws pertaining to the possession of fish / plants / leaves at their locality.






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